About Us

We are experts in fashion, design and shoe production. We have passion for shoes. All kinds of shoes – sandals, casual shoes, ankle boots, boots, sports shoes. We love custom designed high quality boutique shoes. We use the finest Italian materials to produce unique handmade shoes. We share the same passion for shoes you do. And we believe the best customer service is possible when we are close to you, our clients. Your ideas inspire us to create the perfect pair of shoes for you.

This is why in 2016 we started looking for a producer to meet the market’s highest standards. We aimed to produce high quality shoes using the best Italian materials. Flexibility and being able to produce highly creative models based on our designers’ projects was of great importance. The producer had to have modern machines at their disposal, that met the latest professional requirements on the market as well as the capacity to produce 100% handmade boutique shoes. After an in-depth research in the shoe industry in Italy we received excellent reviews for a Bulgarian shoe factory, who met all standards and requirements on the European market, who had over 15 years of experience.

The company was created by following the new European technological requirements and worked with the newest machines and flow production lines which were bought from Italian leading companies. The production supply with equipment machinery provided a great capacity that equaled to 700-800 pairs of shoes per day. The company’s staff was highly qualified in the sphere of shoe production because this craft was traditional for the region.

Today we work with materials which are imported directly from Italy. For our production we use only high quality materials. We follow the latest trends. Our products are in wide range and are designed for all of you. We dare to say that our models are created to satisfy and even come up to the most exacting client expectations. The average number of various shoe models offering each season exceeds 100 pairs. We are also proud of the fact that our collections take a leading place among the competition and they bravely dictate the modern tendencies in Bulgaria and Europe. Around 90 % of the production is orientated to the International European Market and to our clients from Italy , Finland, Kazakhstan, Australia, Lithuania, Austria, Netherlands, Polish, Russia, Romania, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic, France, etc.

We are glad to share that our models had taken place in many fashion reviews as a result of which they won a variety number of certificates and many other awards. We also have an operative system which controls and operates the quality in conformity with the International Standard: ISO: 99001:2008. The mentioned things are an evidence that our company is steady to justify the expectations of the International Markets in the new conditions. We’d like to offer you modern, comfortable, practical, extravagant shoe models from the highest quality materials, including boots, ankle boots, casual shoes, elegant shoes, sport shoes and more.Matisa is an online UK-based brand established in 2017 which has one aim: to give all the glamorous girls who love to sparkle a chance to own different and beautiful shoes.

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